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Alzheimer Study Says Ethnicity Is A Factor African Americans And Hispanics Were Found To Be At Higher Risk For The Disease. Researchers Expressed Surprise.

Sister A'' wrote: I was born in Eau Claire, Comprar Gh Jintropin Wis., on May 24, 1913 and was baptized in St. McGavick.''

Decades later, Sister A died Testosterone Cypionate Costco of Alzheimer's disease. Sister B is alive and remains mentally sharp.

Researchers who analyzed the autobiographies of Sisters A and B and about 100 other nuns from the School Sisters of Notre Dame's Milwaukee convent believe that the writings of their youth signal their likelihood of developing Alzheimer's in old age.

Sisters with low linguistic ability in early life [like Sister A] had a very high risk of Alzheimer's disease in late life, and abundant Alzheimer's disease lesions in their brains,'' said David Snowdon, a University of Kentucky researcher who reports on the findings in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nuns whose writings were rich with ideas and grammatical complexity such as Sister B were more likely to stay mentally healthy.

While Snowdon and his research team can't explain the link, they postulate that weak linguistic ability in youth may be a sign that the mental deterioration characteristic of Alzheimer's disease has already begun.

This strongly suggests that Tren 75 Pills Side Effects Alzheimer's disease may be a lifelong disease process just like atherosclerosis,'' or hardening of the arteries, Snowdon said.

While late in life Alzheimer's disease is marked by memory loss, profound confusion and ultimately a total loss of function, Snowdon said the nuns' autobiographies suggest that subtle changes may be occurring decades before.

Neil Buckholtz, a scientist at the National Institute on Aging, which funded the study, said that there was enough evidence to support the theory that Alzheimer's disease begins its course of destruction in young age.

It could be, Buckholtz and Snowdon agree, that a person with sophisticated linguistic skills simply has a "Oxandrolone Powder India" healthy, well functioning brain that is somehow resistant to the assaults of Alzheimer's.

The research published today is part of an unusual study, launched in 1986, in which Snowdon and a research team are tracking nearly 700 nuns, all 75 years of age or older, who belong to the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The nuns agreed to have their mental and "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" physical health evaluated periodically and then, upon death, to have their brains studied.

The nuns, including some who grew up and taught in Philadelphia area parochial schools, are ideal to study because as adults they all had similar lifestyles. They didn't smoke, drink much or have children. They had access to good medical care and had similar nutrition, all eating from the same convent kitchens.

He was particularly intrigued by their autobiographies, which he thought would give some insight into their mental capacity in youth.

Just before taking their final vows to join the order, usually around the age of 22, the nuns were asked to write "Comprar Gh Jintropin" a short account of their lives for the convent's archives.

Snowdon's team analyzed autobiographies of women taking their vows in Milwaukee between 1931 and 1939. The team scored them for idea density,'' defined as the average "Comprar Gh Jintropin" number of ideas for each 10 written words, and grammatical complexity.

They found that nuns whose writing measured low for linguistic ability, particularly idea density, were more likely to show signs of impairment on mental tests given five or six decades later. Testosterone Cypionate Steroid